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Domaine de Pontac Village


Vineyard, terroir and varietals


Established in 2007, our vineyard benefits from a dry and hot climate, favorable to the cultivation of vines. It currently has 6000 vines in production and ten different grape varieties.


We mainly cultivate rustic vines, that is to say, adapted to the harsh climate of Quebec. These hybrid grape varieties have proven their worth in terms of their resistance (to cold and disease), their yield and their quality for winemaking.

For the reds, this is Frontenac noir, Sabrevois, Ste-Croix, Marquette and for the whites Frontenac gris, Prairie Star and Saint-Pépin. We also have some semi-rustic grape varieties including Baco Noir (red), Seyval Noir (red) and Seyval white.

We draw from it a red wine, a rosé wine and a white wine. Names and labels are inspired by local history. A short walk from our vineyard is the ancient Chats Falls (also known as the Sault-des-Chats and an impressive concentration of sites that bear witness to the presence of Indigenous peoples, the history of the fur trade and the The Outaouais Valley Forest. The Pontiac Village is one of those places that no longer exist and whose history we are committed to highlighting.





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